Jenna Hunter is a contemporary, NYC based jewelry brand made for those who appreciate luxury aesthetics at an accessible price point.

Jenna's philosophy is rooted in the belief that the most valuable and beloved pieces are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. The signature chain design seen throughout the collection creates a minimalist look that is the essence of Jenna Hunter, which inspired her slogan “Keep it Chain & Simple.” Each piece lends itself to be stacked, layered, mixed and matched. Classic elements in understated shapes make each piece unique yet versatile for everyday wear.

Jenna began designing jewelry as a hobby in college by taking sentimental vintage keepsakes and recreating them into modern, delicate everyday jewels. She quickly amassed a following and launched Jenna Hunter in 2018, paying homage to her mother who gifted her many of these pieces. Jenna’s talent lies in sketching designs and working closely with a goldsmith to make her jewelry come to life. Her attention to detail ensures that every piece created is classic, contemporary and exceptionally crafted.

Jenna Hunter strives to be the go-to destination continuously delivering modern, on-trend and quality jewelry that’s easily accessible to all.